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Rise in Jaundice incidents, Hailakandi district administration suggests precautionary steps

April 15: There seems to be a rise in incidents of Jaundice in the district of Hailakandi in Assam.To Tackle the further spread of jaundice, Keerthi Jalli, Deputy Commissioner of Hailakandi has urged upon all people in the district to take precautionary steps and minimise its impact.

In a social media post, DC Hailakandi wrote, “PHE Department is on the field trying to repair and ensure zero leakages. In the meantime, request all to kindly consume only boiled water. Keep yourself hydrated, try and drink warm lemon water often, wash hands before consuming food and after using washroom, try and minimise eating outside foods. Sugarcane juice and tomato juice work as home remedies. Please inform your friends, family and help who are not on this platform.”

Jaundice is caused by a buildup of bilirubin, a waste material, in the blood. An inflamed liver or obstructed bile duct can lead to jaundice, as well as other underlying conditions. Symptoms include a yellow tinge to the skin and whites of the eyes, dark urine, and itchiness.

Quick tips
  1. Drink at least eight glasses of fluids per day. …
  2. Consider adding milk thistle to your routine. …
  3. Opt for fruits like papaya and mango, which are rich in digestive enzymes.
  4. Eat at least 2 1/2 cups of veggies and 2 cups of fruit per day.
  5. Look for high-fiber foods, such as oatmeal, berries, and almonds.

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