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NRC: Hearing of fresh applications from 14 February

February 11: As the process of filing claims and objections has come to an end, the process of verification by means of hearing is going to start soon. It needs mention here that around 40 lakh names did not figure in the final draft of National Register of citizens (NRC) published on 30 July, 2018. Among them, around 36 lakh people have reapplied with fresh documents leaving just four lakh who did not come up for fresh claims.

The hearing of 36 lakh applications of those people excluded from the NRC will begin on all probability from February 14 next. The first 15 days will be document verification as the 36 lakh people have submitted fresh documents. A total of 3500 officers has been earmarked for the purpose.

As per the verdict of Supreme Court, the entire process of NRC is to be completed by 31 July, 2019. Fresh application was moved in the apex court to extend the deadline for declaration of NRC due to the ensuing parliamentary elections. However, the court in its hearing on 5 February refused to extend the deadline for publication of the final NRC .

As such, the state office of the NRC Coordinator has chalked out a blueprint wherein they have planned to complete the process of hearing and verification of the claims and objections by June 15. Now if they could do so, then they could go in for a quality check in the remaining 45 days.

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