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NRC: Online correction portal is now active

January 2: Finally, after a long wait, the Online NRC draft correction portal is now active. The portal is for making correction in the items in Correction Form -1 for those whose names etc. have been wrongly spelt in the final draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) published on 30 July 2018. To do the correction, log in to and click on the button Online NRC Draft Correction Portal to make corrections online.

One needs to read carefully the instructions provided in the web page of online correction before they start the process. way2barak is providing here the important instructions which needs to be followed once when the portal will be opened. At first one will have to register himself/herself in the portal.

Click here to Read User Manual of NRC Draft Name Correction Portal

  • Login or register using your Mobile Number and Legacy Data Code (if any). One ARN – One Mobile Number. One Mobile Number – One ARN.
  • If you have used any Legacy Data Code (LDC) in your NRC Application Form, registration will require quoting any one of all valid Legacy Data Codes (LDCs) used in the Application Form. Even if an LDC is used by just one out of many members who have used any other List A document, that LDC will be essential for registration. In addition, use your Mobile number* for registration.

  • If you have not used any Legacy Data Code (LDC) in your NRC Application Form i.e no LDC is used by any of the members, you can register with only Mobile Number.
  • The owner of the Mobile Number used for registration will be responsible for any access to this portal. For any unauthorized access or modification of particulars of any ARN, the owner of the Registered Mobile Number will be liable for panel action
  • All family Members of any ARN need to decide which Mobile Number to be used for registration.
  • Type in Assamese/ Bengali/ Bodo using English Keyboard. Before typing in the actual text box, practice in the “Scratch Pad/ Practice Area” to gain confidence.
  • Select the “Click to Edit” Checkbox, place cursor in the text-box of the field and start typing
    Corrections/ modifications made here will be accepted only after manual comparison with the Application Form.
  • An SMS will be sent on acceptance. Any edit can be made only up to final submission. But after final submission and receipt generation, no further changes will be possible either through online or offline.
  • Copy/ Paste functions will not work in this Portal.
  • You can also use the virtual keyboard for typing, specially in case the intended correction/modification is not available in the suggestion list when you type directly from your machine’s keyboard

  • This portal can only be used to correct particulars of those persons whose names have appeared in the Complete Draft published on 30th July, 2018.
  • Those persons who have submitted their Correction forms at the designated NSK can still carry out the corrections/modifications online.

Prateek Hajela, State NRC Coordinator earlier notified that both online and offline facilities would be made available from 8th November, 2018 (SPMU/NRC/Dist-Co-Equip/68/2015/Part5/277-A, dated-3rd November, 2018) for submitting Correction Form-1. However, though the Correction Form-1 was made available offline in the concerned NRC Seva Kendras, but the online facility started today.


      1. Thanks for your query. We would request you to go to your Seva kendra (NSK) for exact information.

        Team way2barak

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